Technology. People. Strategy


We work in areas of change, where technology improves the experience and outcome for customers and existing businesses experience disruption to their normal activities.

Combine technology and people with strategy. Come with us now.

Our Goals


To work with dynamic entrepreneurs in a positive environment to achieve mutual success. To match great people and technology to fantastic companies looking for help in an environment of change.

Our Focus


Education is evolving into an online activity using online resources and is often a requirement for employees to settle into a new working environment as well as maintain compliance with ever changing workplace requirements and regulation. We’re committed to online training for continuous professional development and quality improvement.

Human Resources

Human capital is about current skills, flexibility and the ability to change with new and evolving workplace technology and environments. Discovering the value for the activities undertaken by employees or ‘team members’ is now a global question. We are investing in opportunities in this evolving frontier.


Cloud Accounting

The technological revolution taking place right now with the internet and internet based technologies is changing the way we manage our finances both personally and for business. With a focus in the small business landscape we are committed to helping companies better manage their finances using cloud-based accounting software and mobile apps.

Online Services

Online services and mobile applications are changing the way we interact with each other and the world around us. The “Internet of Things” is enabling us to interact with and even control our household appliances and devices and education resources for children are being delivered electronically via the iPad and tablet devices.