Opportunities to work/contract to 123 Group

Content Writer Intern/Junior

We are looking for a junior to join our team of experienced content writers and editors to modify and add to existing content to re-purpose it for other clients and their digital marketing. You’ll learn how content is created, optimised and used to become an asset for digital marketing to drive inbound discovery.

You’ll be able to work your own hours and from anywhere you like (ie. your home) using cloud based technologies to communicate with your team members in a collaborative working environment where you’ll be rewarded on the outcome of the work you do, not the hours you spend behind a computer screen. You’ll be able to work your own hours and at your own pace to enjoy a working environment based on outcomes.

This work opportunity is ongoing and we expect a high standard of written content backed by solid research to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the topics covered. There is also an opportunity to grow within the organisation and have more client facing contact as your skills and experience develop.

Remuneration is $16 per hour on a contract basis

To apply send your resume and a cover letter to sales @