Setup Payment Plan

123 Group Pty Ltd provides services on strict 7-day terms from the date of invoice via the Direct Debit facilities managed by eziDebit. This 7-day period ensures you have a confirmation & reconciliation period where you can make queries regarding your invoice/statement(s) if you see a discrepancy.

How does it work?

Clients on a retainer package, or student or startup loan are invoiced at the beginning of their service and this invoice shows the services provided and the amount to be debited from the account you nominate on the Direct Debit authority form. Any extra charges incurred (above the retainer) will be displayed on your invoice and these extra amounts will be debited from your bank account according to their total each period.

The direct debit will occur on the 7th of each month (monthly) or if it falls on a weekend or public holiday it will be processed on the next business day. Weekly invoices will be debited 7 days after invoice date.

Are there charges?

If your Direct Debit authority form utilises your Australian bank account the costs for this service are absorbed by 123 Group P/L, if you use a Credit Card the charges are written under the “Debit Arrangement” heading, currently 2.2% for VISA/Mastercard and 4.4% for AMEX. Extra charges may be made for dishonoured payments or where non-payment is more than 30 days past the due date.

Sign up to Direct Debit Online

Sign up to Direct Debit Online, simply click on the link below, enter your reference details and you’re good to go.