Jodi completed a Xero Training Course

She has the confidence to perform bookkeeping work using Xero

Josika completed the MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping PLUS training course.

Josika works for an accounting firm in Blacktown and performs contracting bookkeeping work for local businesses. She’s in our National Bookkeeping talent pool.

Julio experienced the results of our digital marketing

Julio is a professional sales person and saw the results and leads from our digital marketing.

Kaden learnt about WordPress for his business

Kaden owns Earleys Electrical learnt how to use WordPress and digital marketing for his business website

Neil is a business owner

Neil learnt how to use MYOB and Xero to manage his own business and help others if they need help

Sam mastered Digital Marketing

Sam worked for us and learnt about digital marketing, customer service and sales and uses these skills in her current projects

Sonia manages her husbands business

Sonia is from Gordon in Sydney mastered MYOB and payroll administration so she could manage her husbands medical practice

Trevor is a CPA and now gets leads for training and bookkeeping clients

Trevor completed an Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate in MYOB and Xero and gets leads for his bookkeeping and accounting practice in Melbourne

Tristan owns ABS Asbestos Removals

Tristan got help with his website and digital marketing and social media including incorporating Instagram in his website to showcase the work they’ve completed.

Kristi has a corporate job

Kristi learnt how to perform Advanced Bookkeeping tasks in MYOB & Xero and does contract bookkeeping for small businesses in Perth, WA

Agnest is changing from Childcare to Bookkeeping

Agnest completed an Advanced Certificate in MYOB and Xero so she could transition from Childcare to bookkeeping. With a young family she wants to work from home and have more flexible hours.

Babita wanted more clients

Babita has decades of bookkeeping experience but wanted to get known as a local contract bookkeeper. She now enjoys bookkeeping and teaching people about bookkeeping.

Jack learnt about digital marketing to help his father

Jack is a high school graduate and wanted to help his father understand about plugins for WordPress to add extra features like bookkeeping tables, taking orders etc. Jacks dad is a craft brewer.